Better Business Bureau gives Giftah an F!!!

I thought it was time for an update.  I have received a lot of feedback from those of you who have been scammed out of money by Giftah and I appreciate your support.  Please post your feedback as comments so other potential Giftah customers can read them here!

In my previous post, I mentioned that I was going to file a police report.  I have not done this.  I did call the police (non-emergency line) and they advised that I should come down to the station and fill out a report, but it was not likely that I would receive my money back.  I thought that to be honest, this would be a waste of my time considering the money I lost (perhaps Giftah was counting on this).

I did however file the complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and guess what...Giftah ignored the Better Business Bureau.  So don't feel too bad when Giftah ignores your emails - they even ignore the Better Business Bureau!

Giftah is not an accredited business according to the BBB and due to several factors, the BBB has given them a grade of F!  You can read about the BBB rating here:

Giftah - the frustration continues....

Well, I posted a note on Facebook as I mentioned, asking other users to share the problems they are having and guess what?  Giftah's facebook page now has been taken down.

Hmmm can you say SHADY!  If you think I have any incentive to lie at this point, do me a favour before you submit something to Giftah - TRY TO CONTACT THEM!  Giftah has no phone number, does not respond to emails, and has no facebook (as of now) so if you have any problems, they will not be there to help you.  They will, however, be happy to take your money.

I will be following up with a police report, and a complaint the Better Business Bureau, as well as continuing to keep this website going.  But in order to help other people avoid this scam I need YOU!  If you've been ripped off by this crooked company, please post your comments!

Using Card Swap (

The other big gift card exchange site in Canada is  I submitted my cards to these folks and within a few weeks, I had my cheque for payment for the gift cards.

Not only that - paid me the cost of shipping the cards and tracking the shipment.  On top of all this, they even sent me free movie passes, and a coupon for an additional $10 the next time I use Cardswap.  Great experience - I'll use them again.

Gift card exchange is a big business here in Canada.  As a money-saving tip, the next time you're going to make a big purchase, ask yourself: 'does the store I'm purchasing this product at offer gift cards?'.  If the answer is 'yes', check out cardswap to see if you can get a big discount!

Giftah is a SCAM!! Use Card Swap Instead!

Attention Canadians!  Thank you for visiting this blog.  Let me tell you why I've created this blog.  Months ago, I submitted several valuable gift cards to the online gift card exchange website 'giftah'.  I won't even link to them here because I don't want anyone to lose their money to these crooks.  Several months later, I still have no money for my cards, and have not been offered an explanation.

Well, you might say: what steps have you taken to allow Giftah to rectify this situation?  The first step I did was to sent them an email.  After several days, they did not respond so I sent them another requesting an update on the status of my payment (these emails were sent to  Again, I received no reply.  By this time, I started to realize that I had been scammed.

I went on the website and searched for a phone number to call a customer service rep.  Guess what?  No phone number.  Don't believe me?  Check for yourself.  Google it, and try to find a customer service number for Giftah - it doesn't exist.  So, I thought to myself, this is the digital age.  Perhaps they only communicate via website.  I posted a comment in their forum asking a representative to contact me.  This was weeks and weeks ago.  Again, still no reply.  I also noted that Giftah has a Facebook page on which comments are allowed.  I thought: here's my chance.  I'll contact them through facebook.  Well, I left a few comments and it turns out that other people have had the same problem (surprise, surprise).